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Free Upgrades for Google One Subscribers: Are They Worth It?

Google One members received emails from Google about upgrades for Google One Subscribers, including access to Fitbit Premium and Nest Aware without any extra charges. This is a nice benefit. However, currently, only customers in the U.K. can enjoy these upgrades. The email also said there are more things coming soon, but it didn’t say what they are.

One person on Reddit shared the email they got. It said they can use Fitbit Premium for free. They’ll get all the benefits like health tips and workout videos. Their old Fitbit Premium membership got canceled, and they’ll only pay once, plus get a refund for the time left on their old membership.

Insight into “Google One Subscribers” Subscription and Nest Aware

  • A user with a 2TB subscription to Google One got Nest Aware as per Reddit report.
  • According to a comment, subscribers get the base Nest Aware plan and can add Nest Aware Plus.
  • The Redditor who shared the picture mentioned they hadn’t used Nest products before.
  • It seems users will receive Nest Aware regardless, but it’s unclear if this will raise the price or if users can choose not to have it.
  • The Redditor’s post indicates that even users who haven’t previously used Nest products will still receive Nest Aware.
  • However, it remains uncertain whether this inclusion will result in a price increase for subscribers or if there will be an option to decline the service.

Fitbit Premium Pricing

  • In the UK, Fitbit Premium costs £7.99 per month or £79.99 annually.
  • For U.S. customers, the annual cost is the same, but the monthly payment is $9.99.
  • The plan provides users with detailed health insights, improved health metrics, online workout plans, and more features.

Nest Aware Pricing

  • Both in the UK and the U.S., Nest Aware has a base plan cost of £8 per month or £80 annually.
  • The service offers users up to 30 days of event history, allowing them to easily review older recordings.

Combined Cost for UK Readers

If British readers want both services annually, it will amount to £159.99 a year, which is a considerable expense. Google offering these additional features certainly came as a surprise, but a pleasant one and it certainly comes as an added benefit for Google One Subscribers. While this deal is currently locked to the U.K., we can only hope it comes to the U.S. and other worldwide markets soon.

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What benefits do Google One Subscribers receive?

Google One Subscribers enjoy various benefits, including expanded storage for Google Drive, access to Google experts for support, and special member-only perks like discounts on hotels and Google Store purchases.

Can Google One Subscribers access Nest Aware for free?

Yes, Google One Subscribers in certain regions, like the UK, may receive access to Nest Aware as part of their subscription package. However, availability may vary by location.

Is Fitbit Premium included for Google One Subscribers?

Some Google One Subscribers, particularly in the UK, have reported receiving access to Fitbit Premium at no extra cost. However, availability and eligibility may differ depending on the subscriber’s location and subscription plan.

Can Google One Subscribers share their benefits with family members?

Yes, Google One Subscribers can share their storage benefits with up to five family members, allowing them to access the additional storage space and other perks included in the subscription.

How can Google One Subscribers manage their subscription and benefits?

Google One Subscribers can easily manage their subscription and benefits through the Google One app or website. They can check their storage usage, upgrade their plan, add family members, and access exclusive member benefits all in one place.


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