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Google plans to kickstart the removal of a substantial number of unused Gmail accounts In the upcoming month

As part of a significant platform update, Google will commence the process of eliminating millions of Gmail, Google Photos, and Google Drive accounts next month. This action will impact all personal Google accounts that have remained unused for at least two years, resulting in the permanent removal of emails, Photos, documents, Calendar entries, and files. The policy was put in place earlier this year and is planned to become operational starting in December 2023 whereas this policy does not impact accounts associated with organizations such as schools and businesses.

In May, Google revealed its intention to delete Google accounts that have been dormant for a period of two years or more according to the Blog post of Ruth Kricheli, who holds the position of Vice President of Product Management at Google.

Gmail Accounts

Google will notify both the primary email address linked to the Gmail accounts and the specified recovery email. These notifications are a crucial aspect of their security improvement approach. Dormant accounts are frequently at greater risk of security breaches, as they commonly depend on outdated or reused passwords, lack two-factor authentication, and undergo fewer user-initiated security verifications but any account that has shared a video on YouTube will not face any changes, no matter how long ago it was last active.

Losing the ability to access a Gmail account may also have the potential to restrict people from using various online platforms and services that are linked to that email address, even when these services have no direct connection to Google.

Gmail Accounts

Best ways to Prevent losing your Gmail accounts

The best ways to prevent losing your Gmail accounts are listed below.

  • Sign In to your Gmail account you have not used for a long period & read emails.
  • Making use of Google Drive for storage.
  • Accessing the Google Play Store.
  • Conduct a Google Search while being logged in to your account.
  • Always use two-step verification for security purposes.

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