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Windows 11 Upgrade | What’s new in Windows 11?

Windows 11 is planning to bring its new update before October 2022. The latest upgraded users of Windows 11 are still facing the sluggish system issue which would be fixed by October 2022.

A few months ago Windows 11 has already launched its stable version but still, users are finding bugs in it, the most common issue that many users are facing is the sluggish system issue.

Windows has announced to lunch the major update before October 2022 after fixing the bugs in it.

New Features in Windows 11

Everyone whose PC is compatible with windows 11 is getting a free upgrade from Microsoft. Windows 11 has already released its stable version. To get the licensed version of windows 11 your must-have licensed version of Windows 10 is installed in it if you are planning to switch from windows 10 to windows 11. The main new features of windows 11 are mentioned below.

Android Apps

Android apps can be operated from Windows 11, which is really an exciting feature. From the Microsoft store, you need to enter the amazon app store and from the amazon app store, you can download android apps.


On a single screen, you can perform multitasking like a mobile screen which makes it easier for the multitask performing users.

Windows 11 icons
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Widgets are generally present in the mobile operating systems but now in windows 11, you can use different widgets like weather, calculator, etc.

Windows Upgrade

Unlike Windows 10 you will not get regular updates along with the security patches and minor updates, in windows 11 you will get a major update annually.

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is already integrated with the windows 11 upgrade.

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Touch Support

Most of the devices that support touch screens like touch laptops, tablets will have a better touch experience than windows 10, it’s a touch-friendly Operating system.

Auto HDR Support

It’s an amazing feature for gamers and developers who would like to play and develop games.


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