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Japanese Professor Introduces “Taste the TV” (TTTV) Taste what’s on the TV screen

Japanese Professor Homei Miyashita of Meiji University developed ” Taste the TV ” that can imitate the flavors of different foods along with a perfect viewing experience.


It sounds weird but yeah Japan has always been the top country in creating innovative technology. Recently Japanese Professor Homie Miyashita has developed a technology of tasting TV screens to enjoy different foods flavors. Professor Homie Miyashita is an associate professor in the School of Science & Technology at Meiji University and his area of research includes entertainment computing and Human-computer interaction.

According to Homie Miyashita during Covid 19 this technology can enhance the way of connecting people and sharing different flavors to the people of different places around the globe. Taste The TV uses 10 Canister that combines and sprays to create the taste of particular food.

How Does Taste the TV “TTTV” works ?

Canister sprays different flavors, combining them together can generate different tastes. According to Professor Homie Miyashita when someone craves any taste, let’s take an example if someone is craving for Chocolate taste, well a person has to instruct machine that He/she want to taste chocolate, after some time a transparent film of liquid droplets slides out at the top of the screen and you can have the luscious taste of chocolate. This TV can give you a multi-sensory viewing experience.

Group of 10 Canisters for producing different flavors
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Group of 10 Canisters for producing different flavors.

What would be the Price for “Taste The TV”?

Each unit of the device would cost around $875 which is about 1,00,000 Yen. (1$=114.1900 yen )


Professor Homie Miyashita and his team of 30 students worked together and have created a variety of flavors including a fork that enhances the taste. Tastes from all over the world can be distributed as the taste of the content. His new lickable TV Screen is one of the biggest inventions done by Homie Miyashita built over the past year.


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