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Humane has introduced the ‘Ai Pin’ wearable, a new dawn for personal AI gadgets.

This innovative device combines the features of Google Glass with the functionality of a pager, creating a distinctive and unique product known as the Humane Ai Pin. Imran Chaudhri and Bethany Bongiorno are the Humane Ai Pin founders, these individuals founded Humane in 2018, and are pioneering technologies and platforms for the intelligence era, with their inaugural product being the Humane Ai Pin. Humane’s headquarters is in San Francisco, California.

The Humane Ai Pin made its first appearance on the runway last week in collaboration with the Paris-based fashion house Coperni during their 2024 Spring Summer show at Paris Fashion Week.

Features & Specifications of Humane Ai Pin

The Ai Pin is a wearable gadget meant to be attached to clothing and facilitates user interaction with a virtual assistant. This assistant is powered by technologies from OpenAI, the creator of ChatGPT.


The device employs a laser projection system to showcase text and monochromatic images directly onto the user’s hand which includes voice, gesture, and touch as well.

Human Ai Pin Display
Image Source: Humane

The company has condensed a multitude of technologies into a remarkably small size.


Additionally, the Pin incorporates an ultra-wide RGB camera consisting of depth and motion sensors that can capture images or utilize computer vision to examine objects, like food, and offer users an estimate of their nutritional composition.

Humane Ai Pin Camera
Image Source: Humane

Message and Communications

The AI pin is enhanced with a Beacon feature, serving as a notification system that alerts you whenever messages are received from your contacts. This functionality ensures that you stay informed and promptly aware of incoming messages on the AI pin. You can manage all your messages exclusively through voice commands. This means you can use spoken instructions to control and navigate through your messages, offering a hands-free and convenient method for communication management.

Music & Sounds

An exceptional, personic speaker forms a sound enclosure, providing a combination of intimacy and volume based on requirements that possess an exceptionally strong audio output.

You can effortlessly control and modify the music playback through the convenient use of voice commands and hand gestures. This hands-free interaction not only enhances user convenience but also adds an intuitive element to managing the music experience, allowing for seamless control using both vocal instructions and gestures. You can simply close your hand to return to the home screen.

Trust Light

The device is equipped with a trust light indicator, specifically designed to illuminate when the audio input centers are active. This feature ensures full transparency and security in the functioning of the device.

The Ai Pin can connect to headphones through Bluetooth. To oversee and retrieve your data, which includes notes, videos, and photos.

You are relieved from the need to search, download, or manage apps, as these AIs are available for streaming on demand. This implies that the AI functionalities can be accessed without the necessity of app installations or manual management, providing a more convenient and accessible user experience.

Health & Nutrition

By employing computer vision, the AI is proficient in recognizing various objects. Furthermore, you have the ability to define and set your dietary goals, eliminating the need for constant consideration. This functionality suggests that the AI not only identifies objects through visual perception but also aids in automating and managing your dietary preferences seamlessly.


The Ai Pin establishes a connection with the Humane Center. This platform acts as a centralized hub for your device. The device is Fueled by a Qualcomm Snapdragon chipset that operates at a high speed and harnesses the power of AI, Humane envisions a future where it has the potential to substitute smartphones. You possess the capability to initiate and conduct phone calls just by double-tapping. This implies that the device allows you to make phone calls, providing a feature for communication directly through the device.

Language Interpretation

The AI on the device is programmed to interpret and respond in accordance with your language preferences. It offers the flexibility for you to communicate with the device in any language you desire, whether you want to speak or understand it. This feature ensures a personalized and adaptable language interaction with the device.


The device consists of a computer and two battery boosters, the battery booster sustains the primary battery within the computer, enabling it to last the entire day without interruption.


This encompasses the device, a cable, a clip for attaching in Ai Pin which is magnetic, A shield that allows you to protect your device and color, a charging pad, two battery boosters, an adapter, and a charging case.

accessories 3
Image Source: Humane
accessories 2
Image Source: Humane

Available Colors

The device would be available in three colors which include Lunar, Eclipse & Equinox.

Price details and a comprehensive subscription offering

Humane Ai Pin Price

The Ai Pin is accessible with a starting price of $699 for the entire system. Available for a monthly fee of $24.

Humane Ai Pin Release Date

The Humane Ai Pin release date is scheduled for Thursday, November 16th.

where to buy Humane Ai Pin

You can place an order for it in the United States.

Moreover, the subscription entails a dedicated package featuring limitless talk, data, text, and a designated phone number. It also encompasses access to cloud storage and unrestricted use of Humane’s expanding suite of AI-powered services, allowing an unlimited number of queries without any constraints.

For More Details Regarding Humane Ai Pin, you can visit the official website.


How much will Humane Ai Pin Cost?

It costs $699 for the complete set.

Founders of Humane Ai Pin ?

Imran Chaudhri and Bethany Bongiorno are the Humane Ai Pin founders, these individuals founded Humane in 2018.

Humane Ai Pin release date?

The Humane Ai Pin release date is scheduled for Thursday, November 16th.

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