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WhatsApp Bottom Navbar Feature Upgraded Officially in the Latest Update

The WhatsApp Bottom Navbar Feature is getting an update for Android users. It’s official now and rolling out. The new navigation bar will be at the bottom of the screen. Changes include adding a “Communities” section and renaming “Status” to “Updates.” The layout now includes “Chats,” “Updates,” “Communities,” and “Calls.” Confirmed by the real WhatsApp X (previously known as Twitter) account.

Availability of WhatsApp Bottom Navbar Feature for Beta Users

  • The change has been occasionally accessible to WhatsApp Beta users for a few months.
  • Sometimes, the interface completely disappears for those in the preview program.
  • If you use WhatsApp, you should be getting the updated bottom navbar now.
  • We’ve observed this on various devices with version 2.24.725 and even on some older versions.

Difference on iPhone

  • The change has been available on iPhone for a longer time.
  • However, the navbar order is slightly different.
  • It lacks a dedicated “Settings” button.

WhatsApp’s Statement

  • WhatsApp mentions that the new navbar is positioned “closer to your thumbs.”
  • The design is described as “easy on the eyes.”

Compatibility with Material 3.0 Design

  • The new design aligns better with recent Material 3.0 design principles.
  • It looks particularly good on devices with heavy Material You theming, like the Google Pixel series.


In conclusion, the new WhatsApp Bottom Navbar Feature brings a convenient update for users, making navigation easier and more accessible. With its rollout to Android users and compatibility with different devices, it enhances the overall experience of using WhatsApp.

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What is the WhatsApp Bottom Navbar Feature?

The WhatsApp Bottom Navbar Feature is a recent update that relocates the navigation bar to the bottom of the app interface for easier access to chats, updates, communities, and calls.

How do I access the WhatsApp Bottom Navbar Feature?

To access the WhatsApp Bottom Navbar Feature, make sure your WhatsApp app is updated to the latest version available on the Google Play Store. Once updated, the bottom navbar will automatically appear on your screen.

Can I customize the WhatsApp Bottom Navbar Feature?

Currently, there are no customization options for the WhatsApp Bottom Navbar Feature. However, you can provide feedback to WhatsApp regarding any desired customization options for consideration in future updates.

Is the WhatsApp Bottom Navbar Feature available on all devices?

Yes, the WhatsApp Bottom Navbar Feature is available for Android users. However, its availability may vary depending on the version of the WhatsApp app installed on your device.


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