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Latest iOS Beta Enhances the Apple Cash User Experience with Virtual Card

The new iOS 17.4 beta lets Apple Cash users create a virtual card number for online shopping, according to Reddit reports. The feature of generating a virtual card number for online shopping is exclusively available in the latest iOS beta version 17.4.

How to Setup Virtual Card Number in Latest iOS Beta Version

Setting Up a Virtual Card Number

  • Open the Wallet app and tap on your Apple Cash card.
  • Follow a simple, two-step procedure to set up a virtual card number.

Accessing Virtual Card Information

  • Once generated, view the newly-generated card information by tapping the three dots menu in the top right.
  • Information includes an expiration date and a three-digit security code.

Additional Features for the Apple Cash Users

  • Apple Cash continues to use a separate card number for Apple Pay transactions.
  • Access this feature by tapping “Additional Card Numbers” from the card number info screen.

Benefits for the Apple Cash Users

  • Convenient for frequent Apple Cash users, especially in areas where Apple Pay isn’t supported.
  • Users can auto-fill their Apple Cash card number, avoiding transfer fees to their bank.

Rollout Status of the Apple Cash Virtual Card in iOS 17.4 Beta

The latest Apple Cash virtual card number is being tested in iOS 17.4 beta, but not all accounts may have access yet. iOS 17.4 is anticipated to be released to the public in early March.


What is the Latest iOS Beta?

The latest iOS beta refers to the pre-release version of the upcoming iOS update, currently iOS 17.4 beta.

How Can I Access the Latest iOS Beta?

To access the latest iOS beta, you can enroll in the Apple Beta Software Program on Apple’s website and follow the instructions to download and install the beta version on your compatible device.

What Changes Does the Latest iOS Beta Bring to Apple Cash?

The latest iOS beta introduces a new feature for Apple Cash users: the ability to generate a virtual card number for enhanced online shopping security and convenience.

Are All Apple Cash Users Able to Use the Virtual Card in the Latest iOS 17.4 Beta Version?

Not all Apple Cash accounts may have access to the virtual card feature in the latest iOS beta. Its availability might vary based on factors like region and device compatibility.

When Will the Features of the Latest iOS 17.4 Beta Be Available to the General Public?

The features introduced in the latest iOS beta, including the Apple Cash virtual card, are expected to be released to the general public with the official launch of iOS 17.4, anticipated in early March.


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