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Meta’s Move to Exclude Political Content on Instagram and Threads

Political Content on Instagram and Threads will soon be easier to avoid unless users explicitly choose to have it recommended to them. In a recent blog post, Meta announced an expansion of its Reels policy to limit the appearance of Political Content, including posts about social issues, in recommended feeds on Threads and Instagram.

Choosing to View Political Content on Instagram and Threads

Professional Instagram accounts can check if they can be recommended based on recent political posts. They can edit or delete posts, ask for a review, or stop posting political content to be recommended again. People who want to see political content can choose to see it on Threads and Instagram. This option will also be available on Facebook later.

Addam Mosseri (Instagram’s Head) Announcement on Thread

If you follow political accounts on Threads or Instagram, we don’t want to interfere with your access to their content. However, we also don’t want to actively promote political content from accounts you don’t follow. So, we’re extending our current method of avoiding recommending political content to more places.

Monsseri mentioned further “Our goal is to preserve the ability for people to choose to interact with political content while respecting each person’s appetite for it.”

Recommended Updates in Public Accounts: What’s Changing?

These recommendation changes affect public accounts only in areas where they suggest content. They don’t alter how they display content from accounts users choose to follow. If a non-eligible account posts political content, it can still reach its followers in Feed and Stories.

Considering the 2024 Presidential Election

Meta has been trying to stay away from news and politics for a while now. In 2022, Facebook found that less than 3 percent of what US users see in their feeds is about politics. Mosseri also said before that political content won’t be encouraged on Threads or Instagram because it doesn’t get much attention, and the platforms don’t want the negativity it could bring, which is something to think about with the 2024 presidential election coming up.

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What changes are being made regarding political content on Instagram and Threads?

Meta is implementing measures to reduce the visibility of political content on Instagram and Threads’ recommendation surfaces.

Will I still see political content if I follow political accounts on Instagram and Threads?

Yes, if you follow political accounts, you can still see their content. However, Meta aims to limit the appearance of political content on recommendation surfaces unless explicitly requested by the user.

How can I ensure that I see political content on Instagram and Threads?

Users who wish to view political content can choose to do so by adjusting their preferences or settings on Instagram and Threads.

Can professional accounts control the visibility of their political content on Instagram and Threads?

Yes, professional accounts on Instagram can use the Account Status feature to manage the visibility of their political content and maintain eligibility for recommendations.

What impact will these changes have on the overall user experience on Instagram and Threads?

Meta’s aim is to create a more balanced and personalized user experience by minimizing the prominence of political content on recommendation surfaces, while still allowing users to access it if they choose to do so.


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