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Exciting News: Reddit and Cision Data-Sharing Agreement Extended Following IPO

After the successful IPO and a collaboration with Google to utilize Reddit posts for training, the company has extended its Reddit and Cision Data-Sharing Agreement according to 9to5mac . This partnership aims to share Reddit data with Cision, potentially aiding companies in understanding consumer perceptions of their brands and gaining insights from product-related comments.

Reddit and Cision Data-Sharing Agreement

Before Reddit went public, they wanted to show their worth more, so they made a deal with Google to collect data. This data was sold to Google for $230 million to help train AI models, but Reddit didn’t talk much about that. They said it was to show more Reddit posts on Google, but it was mostly about the money.

Cision helps businesses share news about their products and services with the media. They also track how much attention a brand gets in the news and help businesses understand what people think about their products and brands. Reddit talked about their partnership with Cision, saying that Redditors are real people having real conversations, and brands should listen to what they’re saying.


In conclusion, the Reddit and Cision Data-Sharing Agreement represents a significant step towards enhancing the understanding of consumer perceptions and brand coverage for businesses. By leveraging Reddit’s platform and Cision’s expertise, companies can gain valuable insights into public opinion and effectively shape their strategies to better meet consumer needs. This collaboration underscores the importance of listening to and engaging with real conversations happening on platforms like Reddit, ultimately driving positive outcomes for businesses and their audiences alike.

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The highly anticipated Reddit IPO (Initial Public Offering) has been officially announced, as the company has informed the SEC that it plans to go public on the New York Stock Exchange with the ticker symbol RDDT. Additionally, Reddit has confirmed that its controversial $60 million per year deal to grant access to user-generated content to an AI company is with Google. This IPO, expected in March, will be the first major tech IPO of the year 2024 and the first social media IPO since Pinterest went public in 2019.


What is the Reddit and Cision Data-Sharing Agreement all about?

The Reddit and Cision Data-Sharing Agreement involves the sharing of Reddit user data with Cision, a PR company. This agreement aims to provide businesses with insights into consumer perceptions and brand coverage.

How will the Reddit and Cision Data-Sharing Agreement benefit businesses?

The agreement will allow businesses to better understand consumer sentiments regarding their products and brands by analyzing data from Reddit discussions. This insight can inform marketing strategies and improve brand perception.

What type of data will be shared under the Reddit and Cision Data-Sharing Agreement?

The agreement entails sharing user-generated content from Reddit, including comments, posts, and discussions relevant to various brands and products. This data will be analyzed to extract valuable insights for businesses.

Is the Reddit and Cision Data-Sharing Agreement secure and compliant with privacy regulations?

Yes, both Reddit and Cision prioritize user privacy and comply with relevant privacy regulations. The data-sharing agreement is conducted in accordance with strict privacy protocols to ensure the confidentiality and security of user information.

How can businesses leverage insights from the Reddit and Cision Data-Sharing Agreement?

Businesses can use the insights gained from the agreement to tailor their marketing strategies, improve product development, and enhance customer engagement. By understanding consumer perceptions and trends, businesses can make informed decisions to drive growth and success.


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