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Spotify App Crashes on Android: A Complete Fix Guide

Many users are experiencing issues with the Spotify App Crashes on Android, as it consistently crashes when they attempt to open it, causing disruptions for those who are trying to use the most popular music streaming service on Spotify. You may have encountered some significant glitches after the most recent beta update of the Spotify app.

Spotify App Crashes on Android After The Beta Update

The Spotify app has been crashing a lot on Android lately, and the issue started with the latest beta update released a few days ago. Many users report that the app is not working and won’t open. The app started having problems with its newest beta version on Saturday, December 30th, 2023. The specific beta version of Spotify is

Fixing the Spotify App Crashes on Android Issue

Here are the Recovery Steps for Spotify Crashes on Android

  • Reinstallation Process:
    • Resolve the issue by removing the current crashing version of Spotify.
    • Reinstall a stable version from the Play Store.
  • Important Note:
    • Keep in mind that during the uninstallation process, the downloaded content for offline use will be deleted.

As per 9to5google, Some Users on Twitter have confirmed that typical troubleshooting steps, such as uninstalling and reinstalling, do not fix the problem.

In summary, fixing the ongoing problem of Spotify App Crashes on Android is essential for users who want to enjoy uninterrupted music. By following the steps provided, like leaving the beta program, uninstalling the troublesome version, and reinstalling the stable one, you can restore a smooth and dependable Spotify experience. Stay updated on any changes and keep exploring solutions to keep your music journey on your Android device free from disruptions.

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Why is my Spotify app crashing on Android?

The crashes may be due to issues with the latest beta update; try troubleshooting steps for resolution.

How can I fix the constant crashes on Spotify?

You can consider uninstalling the crashing version, leaving the beta program, and reinstalling the stable version from the Play Store.

Will I lose downloaded content during the reinstallation process?

Yes, uninstalling the app will remove downloaded content for offline use.

Can I use an older version of Spotify to avoid crashes?

While it’s possible to sideload an older version, a safer option is to reinstall the stable version after leaving the beta program.

Are there reported issues from other users?

Yes, users on Twitter/X have confirmed the problem, and conventional troubleshooting like reinstalling doesn’t always work.

How can I exit the Spotify beta program in the Play Store?

Go to the Play Store, find Spotify, scroll down to find the beta section, and choose “Leave.”

Is there a specific stable version recommended for reinstalling?

No specific version is recommended, but reinstalling the latest stable version from the Play Store is advisable.


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