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Breaking News: Apple Initiates ‘Batterygate’ Compensation of $92 Payout Checks

Apple has started giving money to people affected by what they called ‘Batterygate.’ This means if you had an iPhone that got slower because of older batteries back in 2017, you might be getting some compensation. People who submitted claims in the case will get approximately $92.17 for each claim as compensation. The company had to settle a big controversy by agreeing to pay $500 million, and now they’re sending out these payments to make things right for users who experienced the slowdowns. If you were part of this issue, keep an eye on your bank account – the ‘Batterygate’ compensation might be on its way this January 2024.

History Behind ‘Batterygate’ Compensation Settlement

Apple faced a lawsuit, accused of consumer fraud for purposely slowing down older iPhones as their batteries aged. In response, Apple apologized, cut the cost of battery replacements, and allowed users to turn off the slowing-down feature. They also added new features to iOS to help when batteries get old.

The ‘Batterygate’ compensation comes in as a result of Apple’s secretive move to slow down iPhones, aiming to prevent sudden shutdowns caused by aging batteries. This change was quietly introduced with iOS 10.2.1 in February 2017, without proper communication to users about the adjustment.

The company agreed to settle in 2020, and a law firm stated in August of the following year that a judge had cleared the last obstacle – a legal appeal – causing delays in the payouts, ensuring the money would be sent soon.

Eligible Devices Claiming ‘Batterygate’ Compensation

The phones affected by the ‘Batterygate’ issue include the iPhone 6, 6 Plus, 6S, 6S Plus, 7, 7 Plus, and the original iPhone SE. If you have submitted an approved claim by October 6th, 2020, you might receive more ‘Batterygate’ Compensation than initially anticipated, with payments expected to be around $92.

Users who received ‘Batterygate’ Compensation

As per 9to5mac , Michael Burkhardt posted on social media (Twitter), showing six payments of $92.17 each, and many other iPhone users have mentioned they got their payments today.

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What is ‘Batterygate’ Compensation?

‘Batterygate’ Compensation refers to the financial restitution provided by Apple to users whose iPhones experienced performance slowdowns due to older batteries in 2017. Apple settled a controversy by agreeing to a $500 million payout.

Am I eligible for ‘Batterygate’ Compensation?

If you owned an iPhone 6, 6 Plus, 6S, 6S Plus, 7, 7 Plus, or the original iPhone SE, and your device faced slowdowns in 2017, you may be eligible for compensation. Check the settlement terms for specific details.

How much compensation can I expect to receive?

The compensation amount is around $92.17 per approved claim. If you experienced slowdowns and filed a claim by the specified date, you might receive this amount for each eligible device.

When will I receive my ‘Batterygate’ Compensation?

Apple has started distributing payments. If you filed a valid claim, keep an eye on your bank account; the compensation process is underway, and you should receive it soon probably in January 2024.

Can I still file a claim for ‘Batterygate’ Compensation?

Unfortunately, the deadline for filing claims was October 6th, 2020. If you missed that deadline, you may not be eligible for compensation. Ensure you stay informed about any future settlements or updates.


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