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The Next Wave of Innovation in Google Bard Chatbot’s Latest Features

Google Bard recently provided a sneak peek of the Google Bard AI assistant’s interface, with the official launch date still undisclosed. According to a recent report, there are multiple new features in development for the Google Bard AI chatbot. These Google Bard Chatbot’s latest features were discovered hidden on the Google Bard website.

In early December, Google introduced the Gemini LLM upgrade. The significant news was that Gemini Pro, which will be part of Bard’s free tier, outperformed ChatGPT’s free version in six out of eight benchmarks, according to Google. Additionally, they mentioned a new Bard Advanced tier, but there were few details available at that time.

Expected Google Bard Chatbot’s Latest Features

In 2024, Google is adding new features to Google Bard. These include custom bots, tasks, shared queries, “Power Ups,” and a paid “Advanced” tier. Google will also introduce new sections like “Gallery” and “Tasks” to showcase its capabilities, such as generating images and improving prompts with the “Power Up” button.

Google Bard’s Gallery Tool

  • In development for AI discovery.
  • Showcases various capabilities and features.
  • Displays prompt examples for users new to the chatbot.

Welcome Screen in Bard

  • Greets users when opening the page.
  • Provides suggestions to help users get started.

Customizable Sharing with “Share Foreground/Background” Tool

  • Allows users to customize shared links.
  • Enhances the sharing experience.

Advanced Features – “Bard Advanced with Google One”

  • Connected to Google Gemini.
  • Expands the capabilities of Bard.
  • Represents advanced offerings in collaboration with Google One.

The return of Bard Advanced with Google One reaffirms the observations made on January 4. Within the code of the main Bard website, a paid version featuring Google Bard Chatbot’s latest features surfaced, offering users a complimentary three-month trial. Following this trial, a Google One subscription would be necessary for ongoing access to the platform.

The pricing details for Bard Advanced within the Google One tiers remain uncertain. However, there’s speculation that Bard Advanced might incur costs to compete with OpenAI’s $20 per month ChatGPT Plus. This speculation gained support when developer Bedros Pamboukian tweeted about a three-month trial promotion for Bard Advanced found in Bard’s code, as reported by Engadget.


What are the Google Bard Chatbot’s Latest Features?

Google Bard’s Chatbot’s latest features include custom bots, tasks, shared queries, “Power Ups,” and an exclusive paid “Advanced” tier with enhanced capabilities.


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