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Fresh Beginnings: Microsoft OneDrive New Look Revealed for Personal Users

Microsoft OneDrive New Look is revealed for personal users which will be available to all the personal users by the end of February. OneDrive is used by users around the globe for its cloud storage service. The updated design aims to help users find their files easily and keep their content organized, with a cleaner layout to reduce distractions as mentioned by Microsoft Product Manager Miceile Barrett in its techcommunity post.

Features included in Microsoft OneDrive New Look

The following features are included in the Microsoft OneDrive New Look.

1. Improved ‘Add New’ Button

  • The ‘add new’ button has been enhanced to offer options for both uploading files and creating new documents using Office apps.
  • This improvement consolidates the functionality into a single button, eliminating the need for separate buttons for file uploads and new folders/documents.

2. People View Feature

  • A new feature called “People View” allows users to locate files and documents by recognizing the faces of family or friends with whom they frequently share documents.
  • This feature is particularly helpful for users who can recall who shared a spreadsheet with them but struggle to remember the exact file name in a long list.

3. Visual Interface Updates

  • The new look of OneDrive aligns better with Windows 11 and updates to Microsoft Office applications.
  • The main interface of OneDrive has been simplified and modernized for a better user experience.

4. New File Filters

  • The updated OneDrive UI includes new file filters allowing users to sort files by type, such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, or PDF files.
  • Users can easily organize and locate specific types of files within the interface.

Before Looks Of Microsoft OneDrive

After Looks Of Microsoft OneDrive


In conclusion, the changes to the Microsoft OneDrive New Look demonstrate the company’s commitment to improving user experience, making it easier to manage files and collaborate effectively.

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What is the Microsoft OneDrive New Look?

The Microsoft OneDrive New Look refers to the updated visual interface and features introduced to enhance user experience and productivity.

What are the key features of the Microsoft OneDrive New Look?

The Microsoft OneDrive New Look includes a sleeker visual design, innovative features like People View for easy file navigation, and improved functionality such as file filters and a consolidated ‘add new’ button.

How does the Microsoft OneDrive New Look benefit users?

The Microsoft OneDrive New Look offers users a more intuitive and efficient way to manage their files, find documents quickly with People View, and streamline document creation and uploads with the enhanced ‘add new’ button.


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