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iOS 17.4 Release Date Confirmed: Exciting News for Apple Users

Apple has been testing iOS 17.4 for almost a month and now the iOS 17.4 Release Date has been confirmed. Apple plans to release it to all users on Monday, March 4, 2024. This update includes important new features to make the system more secure and user-friendly. iPhone XS will work with iOS 17.4.

iOS 17.4 Release Date Confirmed

  • Access Time:
    • Users can access the update at 10 a.m. Pacific time.
    • The release date is specified as Monday, March 4.
  • EU Changes and Release Date:
    • The release date is influenced by the Digital Markets Act (DMA) of the EU.
    • The law comes into effect on Wednesday, March 6.
    • The update is expected to be available on Tuesday, March 5, or possibly earlier due to the DMA.
  • Timezone Considerations:
    • 10 a.m. Pacific time corresponds to 7 p.m. Central European Time.
    • The update might be released on Monday, March 4, as it aligns with Apple’s preference for release days.
  • Preparedness:
    • Users should be prepared to download the update starting from 10 a.m. Pacific time on Monday, March 4.

The EU Changes affect the iOS 17.4 Release Date

  • Introduction of Alternative App Marketplaces:
    • Apple will introduce alternative app marketplaces to comply with the Digital Markets Act in the European Union.
    • Users won’t be restricted to purchasing apps solely from the App Store.
  • Easier Access to Different Web Browsers:
    • Users will have easier access to different web browsers apart from Safari.
    • Support for other browser engines will be available.
    • Upon updating, users will receive a prompt to choose their preferred web browser.
  • Support for Other Payment Methods:
    • The update will include support for additional payment methods beyond the existing ones.
  • Capability to Set Default NFC and Wallet Apps:
    • Users will have the capability to set default NFC and wallet apps within Apple Pay.
  • Other Enhancements:
    • Various other improvements and features will be included in the update to enhance user experience and compliance with the Digital Markets Act.

Impact of Changes on iPhones

  • Widespread Effects:
    • The changes will have a broad impact on iPhones.
    • They will bring about lasting transformations.
  • Initial Application in the EU:
    • Initially, these changes will only apply within the European Union.
    • However, their influence may extend to other regions in the future.
  • Monitoring by Other Governments:
    • Governments in countries like the UK and the US will closely monitor the situation.
    • They may consider implementing similar measures in their jurisdictions.

New Features in iOS 17.4 Update

Apple Podcasts TranscriptsiOS 17.4 will feature transcripts for Apple Podcasts, making it simpler to follow spoken content.
iMessage Security Protocol (PQ3)A new cryptographic protocol called PQ3 will enhance iMessage security, providing robust protection against advanced quantum attacks.
New EmojiiOS 17.4 introduces fresh emoji additions, allowing users to express themselves more creatively in messages and on social media platforms.
Apple Cash CardUsers will gain the ability to utilize the Apple Cash card on a wider range of websites by generating a virtual card number.
Preparations for Next-Generation CarPlayiOS 17.4 includes updates in anticipation of the forthcoming launch of next-generation CarPlay later in the year.


When is the iOS 17.4 release date?

The iOS 17.4 release date is set for Monday, March 4th, starting at 10 a.m. Pacific time.

Will the iOS 17.4 release date be the same worldwide?

Yes, the iOS 17.4 release date is synchronized worldwide, starting at 10 a.m. Pacific time.

What are the key features of iOS 17.4?

iOS 17.4 introduces various enhancements including transcripts for Apple Podcasts, iMessage Security Protocol (PQ3), new emoji, expanded usability of Apple Cash Card, and preparations for Next-Generation CarPlay.

Can I expect any delays in the iOS 17.4 release date?

As of now, there are no indications of delays in the iOS 17.4 release date. Users can anticipate downloading the update starting from 10 a.m. Pacific time on Monday, March 4th.

How can I prepare for the iOS 17.4 release date?

To prepare for the iOS 17.4 release date, ensure your device is connected to a stable internet connection, has sufficient battery life, and backs up your important data before initiating the update process. Additionally, stay tuned for any further announcements or updates from Apple regarding the release.


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