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Redesigned UI Elements in iOS 18: Exclusive User Interaction

According to Mark Gurman’s Bloomberg Power On newsletter, Apple is working on changing the look of iOS and macOS. Redesigned UI Elements in iOS 18 promise a fresh look and feel, signaling Apple’s commitment to enhancing the user experience on its mobile platform. Meanwhile, macOS is expected to undergo a significant “revamp” in the future, indicating Apple’s focus on improving its desktop operating system. These developments underscore Apple’s ongoing efforts to innovate and refine its software ecosystem across different devices.

Redesigned UI Elements in iOS 18

  • iOS 18 Changes
    • Mark Gurman reports that Apple is planning to update the design of iOS, but it won’t be as drastic as the transition from iOS 6 to iOS 7.
    • The updates for iOS 18 are expected this summer.
    • However, it won’t be a complete overhaul like visionOS.
  • macOS Redesign
    • The redesign work for macOS has just begun and won’t be ready until 2025 or 2026.

VisionOS Aesthetic

Design Changes for iPhone and iPad

Speculation surrounds aligning other operating systems with visionOS aesthetics.

Significant design alterations haven't occurred for a considerable time on these devices.

VisionOS design is tailored for passthrough video, not directly relevant to iOS.

Anticipation exists for any visual updates, especially with AI enhancements.

iOS 18 Release Date and Expectations

  • Mark Gurman describes iOS 18 as “ambitious and compelling” with major new features and designs.
  • The official unveiling of iOS 18 and other next-generation operating systems is anticipated at the annual WWDC conference in June.
  • iOS 18 will likely be in beta throughout the summer and released to the public in September, following Apple’s typical schedule.

iOS 18 is expected to arrive on your iPhone along with the iPhone 16 in September 2024. Before its official release, both developer and public beta versions of iOS 18 will likely be available. Typically, the first developer beta of iOS 18 arrives shortly after Apple’s WWDC’24 keynote, following past patterns. Subsequently, the iOS 18 public beta, which tends to be more stable, may come out about a month later. While the exact date of WWDC’24 is unknown, it usually occurs in early June, aligning with Apple’s tradition of hosting developer summits around that time.


What are the Redesigned UI Elements in iOS 18?

Redesigned UI Elements in iOS 18 refer to the updated visual components and user interface features aimed at enhancing the overall look and feel of the operating system. These elements may include icons, menus, navigation bars, and other graphical elements.

How will the Redesigned UI Elements in iOS 18 improve user experience?

The Redesigned UI Elements in iOS 18 are expected to offer a more modern and intuitive user experience. By refreshing the visual appearance and optimizing the layout of interface elements, users can navigate through the system more seamlessly and enjoy a more visually appealing interface.

What specific changes can users expect from the Redesigned UI Elements in iOS 18?

While specific details about the changes accompanying the Redesigned UI Elements in iOS 18 have not been fully disclosed, it is anticipated that the visual enhancements will complement the functionality improvements introduced in the update. Users can expect smoother transitions, clearer icons, and more intuitive interaction patterns.

Will all iOS devices support the Redesigned UI Elements in iOS 18?

Compatibility details for iOS 18 and its Redesigned UI Elements have not been officially announced yet. However, historically, Apple tends to provide updates to a wide range of devices, with certain older models possibly receiving limited feature sets. Stay tuned for official announcements regarding device compatibility.

Where can I find more information about the Redesigned UI Elements in iOS 18?

For more information and updates about the Redesigned UI Elements in iOS 18, you can visit Apple’s official website, tech blogs, and reputable tech news sources. Keep an eye on announcements from Apple and tech communities to stay informed about the latest developments and features in iOS 18, including its Redesigned UI Elements.


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