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Exciting News: iOS 17.4 RC Released Ahead of Digital Markets Act (DMA) Deadline

Since last month, developers and beta testers have had access to iOS 17.4 beta, which includes major updates like App Marketplaces for EU users. With the Digital Markets Act (DMA) deadline near, Apple launched iOS 17.4 RC Beta today. In addition to iOS 17.4, Apple also launched watchOS 10.4, tvOS 17.4, and macOS Sonoma 14.4.

App Store Backend Changes in iOS 17.4 RC

  • Aaron and X user, known for sharing Apple software updates, reveals subtle alterations in the App Store backend.
  • These changes aim to officially endorse support for App Marketplaces, according to Aaron’s insights.

Compliance with the DMA Deadline

  • The European Union has mandated a deadline of March 6, 2024, for tech companies to adhere to the Digital Markets Act (DMA) regulations.

iOS 17.4 RC Update Features

  • With iOS 17.4, Apple is compelled to allow iPhone users to install apps from alternative app stores, complying with DMA requirements.
  • Additionally, iOS 17.4 introduces the capability for web browsers to utilize their own engine, departing from Appleโ€™s WebKit, as per EU DMA stipulations.

Release Candidate Distribution

  • Apple traditionally releases Release Candidate (RC) builds a few days before major updates to ensure smooth functionality.
  • After the release of iOS 17.4 RC today, the final version may be available to all users by next Monday or Tuesday.

Additional Changes and Features in iOS 17.4

  • iOS 17.4 introduces various alterations and additions for non-EU users.
  • Notably, the update enhances Stolen Device Protection by offering an option to always enforce the security delay, even in familiar locations.
  • Additionally, new emojis, transcriptions in Apple Podcasts, and improvements to CarPlay are included in the update.

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Apple released a new version of iOS called iOS 17.4 Beta 4 to developers a week ago, after the release of iOS 17.4 Beta 3 Update. It comes with a cool Instrument Cluster feature for CarPlay. In iOS 17.4, Apple Maps will have a fresh look and display upcoming driving directions on the screen for CarPlay users.


What is iOS 17.4 RC?

iOS 17.4 RC stands for Release Candidate, which is a near-final version of the iOS 17.4 update. It’s released to beta testers to ensure that the software is stable and ready for a wider audience.

How is iOS 17.4 RC different from the beta version?

iOS 17.4 RC is a more polished version compared to the beta. It undergoes rigorous testing to identify and fix any remaining bugs or issues before the official release to the public.

Can I install iOS 17.4 RC on my device?

iOS 17.4 RC is typically available to registered beta testers. If you’re part of the beta testing program, you can install the RC version through the beta software update section in your device’s settings.

When will iOS 17.4 RC be available for beta testers?

The availability of iOS 17.4 RC for beta testers depends on Apple’s release schedule. Typically, it’s made available a few days before the official public release of the update.

Should I install iOS 17.4 RC on my primary device?

While iOS 17.4 RC is more stable than the beta versions, it’s still pre-release software and may contain some bugs. It’s recommended to install it on a secondary device or wait for the official public release if you rely heavily on your device for daily tasks.


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